What are some of the most heartbreaking facts?

  1. No one really understands what you’re going through. When you’ve really experienced something terrible, “everything will be over” is totally useless!
  2. Some people will never meet the people they really like.
  3. The war will never stop! Many of the things we think can’t be more ordinary but in war countries, some people will never have these ordinary things.
  4. You know you will experience the death of your loved ones, but you never know which sudden moment it is.
  5. Many people have never experienced the feeling of being loved. Such as the love of parents, teachers and friends.
  6. The world is manipulated.
  7. As long as society exists, there will be prejudice.
  8. Hard work doesn’t necessarily pay off.
  9. A person can only live once in his life, but many people regard making money to support his family as his only goal.
  10. In fact, loneliness is more terrible than death.

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