What are the most powerful and insightful short stories that you have read?

The man was restless because he wanted to pick up the phone and broke up with his girlfriend. He thought that he didn’t like that girl any more.After struggling for a long time, he finally made up his mind to dial the phone. On the other side, the girl’s voice was as gentle as usual.”HI”

The man just said, “we…” .There was a big bang from the girl’s side, and then there was no sound…

The man’s brain was blank for a moment, and he became flustered. He tried his best to call back, but he didn’t get through. He had countless ideas about what happened. And then he ran out of the house without hesitation.

When he rushed to the door of the girl’s community, he saw her. The girl was poking her hands in cold red. She looked at the broken cell phone with a little annoyance. Suddenly, she saw him, and her eyes were soft and surprised. She said, “it’s too cold. My hand shakes and the phone falls off. What did you just want to say?”

The man said calmly, “let’s get married.”

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