What small thing can tell you a lot about a person?

  1. People who don’t lie casually. Although some lies are white. But if a person can lie at any time, he is terrible.
  2. People who don’t generalize. If a person is always easy to evaluate a thing or a person, rather than synthesize more comprehensive information, his thought is very narrow.
  3. People who don’t take advantage of others. Sometimes, no matter how poor a person is, he always knows that some things can’t be done.
  4. People who don’t deny others easily. Because no matter what one’s belief, or idol is, it is worthy of respect.
  5. People who don’t judge people by their appearance. Judging a person’s good or bad by his or her appearance is the most stupid behavior.
  6. People who obey the traffic rules. Everyone who abides by the traffic rules is responsible for himself and others.
  7. A person who does not easily play with other people’s feelings. It’s very respectable to treat everyone you love seriously.
  8. People who don’t make promises easily. Those who make a promise to others and do it seriously are very responsible.
  9. People who are kind to family and friends. If a person can’t get along with his family day and night, there should be no thing worth cherishing in the world.
  10. A man who knows his faults. People who can only see their own advantages and deny their shortcomings are naive.
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