What makes you feel loved?

When you feel that there is always someone who is afraid that you will be wronged and hurt, maybe it is love.

Here’s a fan of mine sharing his feelings about love.

I met a girl four or five years ago. At that time, I didn’t know how much I liked her. I thought she was tall, beautiful and cool, and could be a girlfriend. At that time, our relationship developed step by step as we dated each other. One day, we went upstairs together. When she entered the elevator, she was gently pinched by the door. The atmosphere in the elevator was a little embarrassed. At that moment, her face turned red and she was a bit at a loss.

When I got home, that scene flashed in my mind all the time, but the strange thing was that I had an indescribable feeling in my heart. I felt that she was not good-looking or cool at all. I realized I really didn’t like her and we didn’t get in touch after that day.

And then again, once when I was on an overpass with my little girlfriend, she suddenly slipped. She slipped a step and got a little skin bruised on her knee. But when she was sitting on the ground, I thought she was so pathetic. So I rushed over, just like holding a child, picked her up, beat the dust on her buttocks, and scolded her for not holding my hand when she walked. I was really sad at that time.

She said, “I fell down and you blame me. Why are you so angry?”. I said I was angry because I was blaming myself for not holding your hand, you won’t understand.

Love a person is that you always feel sorry for her. It’s like you live alone. If you order takeout, mom and dad will love you for not taking good care of yourself.

Hope everyone can meet the one who worries about him.

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