What’s some of the best love advice you can give?

  1. Don’t try to change each other, but influence each other imperceptibly in the daily life.
  2. You should dare to rely on each other, but also dare to be independent.
  3. When encountering problems, two people must sit down calmly and discuss countermeasures instead of launching a cold war.
  4. When you are in love, you should give both sides independent space.
  5. Derailment is the bottom line. Don’t save a cheater.
  6. Don’t take your partner’s kindness for granted, and don’t always pay foolishly.
  7. Don’t be stingy about your praise for your partner.
  8. Consciously keeping a distance from others is respect for your partner.
  9. Don’t try to bind your partner through sex.
  10. Good love must be positive. If you find that your life in love is getting worse and worse, you can give up the relationship. ,
  11. If you care about him or love him, make sure he can feel it.
  12. Love is important but you are the ture centre of your world.
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