What are the things no one tells you about living alone?

When I started living alone, no one told me that life was complicated.

When you come home from work, there is no hot food waiting for you. You can only open the refrigerator by yourself and drag your tired body to make your own dinner.

When the lamp in your kitchen breaks down, you will wonder whether or not to repair it. It seems that you can skip dinner anyway.

When you want to talk to someone before you go to bed, you find that you can only contact others by mobile phone, but no one can chat with you face to face.

When you live alone, you will feel a little bored and tired.

But as time goes on, you will gradually enjoy your own life.

When you come home from work, you can rest on the sofa or bed for a while and start thinking about what to eat tonight. At this time, you open the refrigerator, which contains all kinds of food you like. Your cooking skills have gradually improved, and you have begun to learn how to make your favorite recipes.

You know which repairman is the most reliable when your light breaks down, or you’ve become a superman. You know how to repair the toilet and how to install a new lamp. You start to constantly dress up your space and make your room the most satisfied.

When you are ready to go to bed, you will set aside some time to chat with friends, and then make an appointment to come out and get together. Then you start to arrange your own entertainment activities, watch your favorite movies, or do some handicrafts.

In short, when you start to live alone, you will feel a little overwhelmed, but gradually you will fall in love with living alone, because you will be more free, and you will be more responsible for yourself.

One day you need to learn to live by yourself.:)

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      Tks and that is all my real feeling about living alone,and hope it can help you enjoy living alone.

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