How can I become socially confident?

First of all, you should pay attention to your posture and walk with your head up instead of keeping your head down. At the same time, walk with larger steps rather than small steps.

  • Choose the most comfortable clothes. When you’re wearing something that fits perfectly, you don’t have to focus on what you’re wearing. Comfortable clothes make you more confident.
  • Try to look people in the eye. Whether he is a bus driver or a shopping guide, or a restaurant attendant. If you can’t at first, try to see yourself in the mirror.
  • Express your opinion more. Whether it’s on social software or playing with friends. Usually, you will be relaxed when you get along with friends, so you can try to communicate with strangers with the attitude of getting along with friends. Of course, it’s just attitude.
  • Care more about yourself. Confident people tend to put themselves at the center and solve problems from their own perspective. You don’t have to think about too many people’s thoughts. Only when you take care of your own emotions can you have other energies to consider other people’s thoughts.
  • Don’t be afraid of criticism. Everyone can make mistakes, and sometimes what others point out is not necessarily right. When you have your own subjective consideration of a matter, the blame of others is only a reference.
  • You need to show your charm when necessary. People who know how to show themselves are very smart. You need to be opportunistic, but let others know your strength when necessary. I believe you must have your own areas of expertise.
  • Learn to pretend and pretend to be indifferent. Most of the time, most people’s self-confidence is fake, this kind of pretend is not hypocritical, but to create an imaginary excellent self. Pretending to be indifferent is actually to show that you don’t care too much about everything. Even if you feel that others are pointing at you, you think everyone’s eyes are on you. You have to show that you don’t care. Because most of the time, people will feel that they are the focus of the crowd because of the Spotlight Effect.
  • Improve your knowledge or keep moving forward in your professional field. In fact, a person’s self-confidence comes from his field of expertise and control of things. You can pretend to be confident and don’t care about anything. But over time, this kind of pretence will gradually become hypocritical. So when you can look into everyone’s eyes, start to improve yourself.


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