What are some examples of flirting conversations?

I want to share you some examples about flirting conversations. If you can use them in right time and place I think it will be great 🙂

  • “Where are you now”

“At home”

“No! You are in my mind now. “

  • “Do you know what season I like?”

“I don’t know!”

“I love all seasons with you.”

  • “Do you have a lighter?”


“How did you light my heart?

  • “I’m a little busy lately”

“What are you up to?”

“I’m busy to like you.”

  • “Let’s play with the wooden man. Don’t move.”


“I lost!”


“Because my heart is beating for you!”

  • “A magic trick for you.”


“It’s done.”

“I didn’t see anything.”

“I’ve become love you more.”

  • “Do you have navigation on your phone? Help me find a place.”

“To where?”

“In your heart.”

  • “You know what? We’re both going too far. “

“What’s the matter?”

“You are too beautiful, I am too fascinated.”

  • “I seem to have a cold”

“Is it because it’s too cold?”

“No, because I have no resistance to you.”

  • “I’m less and less like myself now.”

“What do you look like?”

“Like your husband!”

  • “I don’t think you are suitable for love.”


“You are fit for marriage.”

  • “Shall we exchange gifts?”

“Good, good!”

“Well, from now on, you are mine, and I am yours.”

  • Recently there is a rumor that I like you. I want to clarify that it is not a rumor.

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