What is the meaning of “true love”?

True love is that “YOU ARE MINE AND I AM YOURS”

  • You’ll think your partner is cute. I’ve always thought the word cute can cover all the compliments you give to your partner. He or she is so cute that you can’t bear to yell at her or him, and you don’t want him or her to worry about you; and you want to be his or her permanent haven.
  • You think it’s the luckiest thing to have each other. You will feel that meeting him seems to have used up all the good luck in your life.

“She’s so nice and beautiful. If I can’t marry her soon, others will rob her from me.”

“He is really handsome, more handsome than any man in the world. Can’t you see that?”

  • True love is you know, there is a person will always be waiting for you to tell. When you tell him or her about your grievances, you can’t help crying. Then he or she will gently pat you on the back to comfort you and fight against injustice for you.
  • There will be a little tension between each other, just like the tension when you first met, because of shyness.
  • You can’t wait to share a happy moment with him or her. You will feel sorry if he or she missed this happy moment.
  • You have a desire to control and possess him or her. You’ll want him or her to draw a line from others, but you’ll also resist that desire.

It’s like building a house. You need a helper, and he or she is your best assistant. In the end, you two have a space that belongs to both of you.

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