What did you learn from previous relationships?

  1. Love is always a game for two people, not one person’s one-man play, so the things that you two need to participate in must be done together.
  2. You have to let your partner know what you have done for him, or he will always think that he is the only one to give.
  3. When there is a conflict, you must communicate in time, otherwise over time, those small things you think will become the last straw that will crush your relationship.
  4. It’s important to keep fresh. No one will like you as you are. So I must remember to enrich myself in love.
  5. When you feel tired in a relationship, or when you begin to question whether your partner still loves you so much, there must be something wrong in your relationship.
  6. The body is very honest, and if your partner rejects physical contact with you and is in a hurry to hang up on your phone, you may need to reexamine your relationship.
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