What do people think about long-distance relationships?

If there is no other way, long-distance love will always be the last choice.

Here is a netizen’s story about long-distance love, but the protagonist is his college roommate. His roommate, a medical student, has a long-distance relationship with his girlfriend for five years. Let’s call this roommate A.

A‘s family is not rich, and his university studies are very busy. Like most boys, he also likes playing basketball, but he never wants to save money to buy a pair of comfortable shoes. He just wants to save money to spend two days in his girlfriend’s city. In this way, the two young people went back and forth between the two cities and fell in love for five years.

The turning point of the story happened in the period when the boy was about to graduate. As a medical student, he could only choose to go back to a hospital in the county with a very low salary and government subsidies. Or he could choose to continue to study for a master’s degree, but that would take nearly three years. He thought he couldn’t be so selfish and asked his girlfriend to wait for him for another three years, since in his current situation, he couldn’t give that girl a promise. So he chose to break up with her, hoping that she could go for a better life. He broke up with his girlfriend on the phone that day. A said a lot on the phone and the girl just replied “OK”.

That night, A bought two cases of beer, drank himself to the core, and kept saying the girl’s name.

The next day the girl came and her eyes were red. You could see she was crying for a long time. She stood at the door of the dormitory, and said sorry to other boys for disturbing them. When A saw her, he immediately rushed to hold her and cried. Can you imagine a tall and strong boy crying like a child. Like in the movie, they hold each other very tightly. The girl said, “I’ve been waiting for you for 5 years. I don’t care about waiting for you for another three years. I just want to be with you. Can you understand?”. After A graduated from graduate school, they got married.

Running a long-distance relationship is like holding a loaded gun. Either hurt each other or protect each other.

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