How can I improve my communication skills within a month?

The purpose of communication is to understand what the other party is trying to convey.

  • First of all, you should know the identity and status of the other party. Although it is said that people are equal, you should pay attention to your boss’s speech.
  • Listen to the other side patiently. To know what the other person really wants to say, you need to listen to the whole content, not your own subjective imagination.
  • Grasp the emotion of the person you are talking to. You need to know how the person you are talking to is feeling now. Only in this way can you know what tone you are going to respond to.

  • Pay attention to the rhythm of your speech, especially your speed. If you speak too fast, the listener may not be able to keep up with your thoughts. Similarly, if you are stuttering all the time, the other person will feel uncomfortable.
  • Pay attention to your body language. Most of the time when you are nervous, you will unconsciously make some small actions, these small habits you need to avoid, after all, others will judge your mental state through your actions.
  • Grasp the main points of the other party’s speech. Sometimes people will say a lot of useless words, and you need to automatically filter out the content, so that when you listen to other people’s talk, you can also sort out your own ideas.

  • Don’t talk nonsense. The party who communicates with you can be logically confused, but your expression needs to be clear enough, which can not only save time, but also make a good impression on the other party.
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