What are some things nobody tells you about life?

  1. When you are lonely, try to take the initiative to say hello to people. When you take that step, you will find that you are not as lonely as you imagined.
  2. Even the best and best friend can’t bear all your negative energy, so don’t keep complaining to your friends about the bad things you encounter in your life.
  3. In interpersonal communication, if a person is too modest and polite, he will become the one who is despised and perfunctory. So you can be a gentleman with strangers, but once you find that the other person’s attitude makes you uncomfortable, remember to be tough.
  4. There are many unexpected things in life, good or bad.
  5. Remember to choose people and things that can bring you positive energy, otherwise you are easily affected by the bad environment around you.
  6. Finding someone who understands your humor is more important than anything else, so that you can share your happiness with that person at any time.
  7. Don’t force your friends to like what you like unless they want to. Remember that everyone has their own social circle.
  8. If you think too much, it’s easy to lose a lot of fun and even lead to wrong conclusions.
  9. You’re not as special as you think, because everyone thinks they’re different.
  10. A lot of people who are interesting to you often don’t realize that they are interesting.
  11. If you limit yourself to past experience, you will stop.
  12. Don’t let others define success for you. Success needs to be defined by yourself.
  13. Unless you’re a complete jerk, otherwise, stick to being yourself as much as possible.

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