What is something weird you read or saw today?

Here are some strange products I saw on the Internet.

  • A giant hat, or an umbrella.

  • Samurai sword umbrella.

  • Put this little toy on top of the pot and the soup won’t overflow.

  • You can put toothpaste or hand cream on it so you don’t waste it.

  • Toilet lid handle.

  • You can put the instant noodle box on it.

  • Car scratch stickers

  • Carrot headset

  • Interesting socket

  • Toothpaste head, you can put the dog’s head on the toothpaste

  • Deodorant fart underwear, is it really useful?

  • Shoes that look a bit prickly.

  • A watch without a pointer

  • What is the function of this dress?

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