What is the coolest psychological trick?

  1. If someone gets angry at you and you keep calm, they may get more angry, but then they will feel ashamed of themselves.
  2. Emotions don’t affect the way we communicate. But the way we communicate can affect emotions.
  3. What one tries to show off is often what one cannot easily possess.
  4. When you can’t find something, try to look right to left. Usually, we are used to searching from left to right. We will automatically ignore some things, change direction, pay attention to details and find the target.
  5. It is easier for a person to accept suggestions in the process of praise.
  6. Toss a coin to end two tangled choices. When you throw a coin, you will have the right answer in your heart.
  7. When in danger, ask only one person for help.
  8. Before an interview, you can arrive at the interview place ahead of time and chat with strangers for 20 minutes. This will make your brain feel familiar with the environment, which will make you more confident.
  9. People will associate you with adjectives you use on other people. If you say that a person is sincere and kind, people will relate these qualities to you. If you always speak ill of others behind your back, people will also associate these negative comments with you.
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