Have you ever lost any respect for someone instantly?

One day my mom sat next to me and asked me if I had ever hated her and dad. She spoke in a normal tone. I thought she was joking. Then I seriously thought about my school experience. In my memory, although the two of them said they would not interfere with my grades. But I could feel from their every concern that they attached great importance to my academic performance, which gave me great invisible pressure. It’s not true hate, but I admit I hated them talking about my grades when I was a kid, so I blurted out: “Yes.” She was so shocked that I saw her face change in an instant. I didn’t expect that this word would have such an impact on her. I thought I was just saying what I thought when I was a child, but I didn’t expect that she was seriously asking me and taking it seriously. Later I quickly said that it was a joke, that moment I looked down on myself and felt I was totally terrible!

Most of the time, parents really remember a simple sentence from their children for a long time.

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