How do I make money online?

Making money through the Internet, I think of Internet celebrities. After all, most of them make money through the Internet, and they do earn a lot. So I would like to briefly talk about the Internet Celebrities.

The operation mechanism of online celebrities. Sometimes you have to admit that the growth path of Internet Celebrities is opaque, even random, and you can’t get into the business by imitating others. The current types of online celebrities can be roughly divided into the following categories:

  • You can be famous for your artistic talent.

For example, a person uploads a work of art to the Internet, or writes a sharp review. We call them intellectuals. But in fact, even if you master the professional knowledge in a certain field, you may not be able to become an Internet celebrity. Because you need to have the following characteristics: the ability to express professional knowledge in a popular way; be able to grasp public issues with certain influence and put forward sharp opinions; your values can represent enough people and have enough capital (tangible or intangible), because the early stage of fame will cost a lot of capital, whether it is time or money.

  • You can be famous by making a show.

For example, some people will do some content about eating and broadcasting, exploring and so on. This kind of content has relatively low requirements on the threshold. But there will be rollover. For example, eating and broadcasting. In South Korea, if bloggers are suspected of secretly advertising in their videos, their image will be greatly reduced. In China, if there is a phenomenon of fake eating, it will be considered a waste of long grain by the people, and even you will face the risk of being banned.

  • You can be famous for accidents.

This kind of online celebrities themselves did not deliberately hype themselves, but in a certain era background, if there is a huge contrast in the society, they will be famous. For example, China’s Koi girl, Xin Xiaodai, was actually an event in Alipay, winning millions of awards and becoming famous. Then she took advantage of her Koi identity to participate in business activities and share her short travel videos, realizing her personal IP realization in a short time. However, due to her lack of mature operation skills and no capital operation behind her, her last remaining title of Koi (koi is a symbol of luck in China) also disappeared in her last marketing campaign. Besides, there are very few opportunities for you to be unexpectedly famous.

  • Rely on the network push hands

The most mature mechanism to become a network celebrity is to be famous through the network push hands. That is, through the team operation. For example, stars rub red carpet. Through a series of marketing events, the companies and platforms that individuals rely on will create a specific personal image for them, so as to attract fans, enhance the influence of online celebrities, and lay the foundation for later capital realization.

What do you think of Internet Celebrities?

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