I want to be a billionaire from an Internet startup, how do I do it?

If ordinary people want to through their own efforts, become a network celebrity.

  • First of all, you have to have a clear positioning for yourself.

If you’re good at acting, you can start with short videos and spread your content through multiple social platforms.

If you’re good at making sharp reviews, try talk shows. But when it comes to commenting, you need to learn some skills, such as the time node of the content release, the originality of the review angle, and your pronunciation and intonation.

If you are interested in make-up, you can find featured beauty bloggers, learn their video editing styles, and gradually find your own creative style. In short, a clear positioning is to explore your interests and find the direction of your content. After all, the current market competition is very fierce, and you can only stand out by being more distinctive.

  • Remember that content is always the kernel.

Regardless of the industry, content is always the core. That is to say, your fans can benefit from the content you produce.

  • To have macro thinking, change your way of thinking.

You need to know that every audience is your potential fan. Don’t always be limited to your own small world, occasionally jump out to see how the development of your industry is, grasp the wind. Think from the perspective of audience, platform and popular culture.

  • Keep a good attitude, attitude determines everything.

Whether it is the network celebrity with capital support, or the network celebrity that they fight for, they all have a good mentality. Because the content you create will be influenced not only by the platform and fans, but also by political factors.

Finally, everyone should also admit that the platform is really important to become an Internet celebrity. Without a good platform, the content you create will fall into the vast sea.

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