5 rules to live by when dating introverts.

I’ve read a lot of dating suggestions about introverts. It gives me the feeling that introverts are vulnerable. For example, you can’t force them to do anything they don’t want to do, you can’t give them the advice to let them go out. They have their own inner world and their mind is very delicate and sensitive. Come on, introverts are not vases. I mean, since it’s a date, it’s about you and the introvert running a great date together. Why do some of the answers make me feel like dating an introvert seems like a game to break through.

If an introvert really agrees to date you, it means that at least he has scored you in his heart. Because they have a delicate mind, they can refuse before they think you are worthy of a date. But since they have agreed, it means that you are worth their try.

So when dating, just treat them as a normal date.

  • You need to show sincerity, or you can’t let your partner feel your hypocrisy. As mentioned above, introverts are really delicate, so don’t be too pretentious when dating. You can be warm to them, but don’t give them a sense of special treatment.
  • You have to ask them to tell them about the date scene or what they want to do in the process. Dating an introvert doesn’t mean you’re on the leading side. Dating is a game of two, and the introvert must participate in it and give advice.
  • Pay attention to your bad habits. In fact, you should pay attention to your little habits when dating anyone. No one likes to date someone who doesn’t know how to wipe his hands after dinner and abuse others at will. Since your date is an introvert, you need to know that your behavior will be monitored” by them. Because they are very careful, they will pay special attention to some details.
  • Prepare more topics of interest to your date. Sometimes you have to admit that introverts rarely take the initiative to speak, but they also talk about topics they are interested in. So don’t worry that you two will have nothing to say when you are dating. As long as the topic you’re preparing can arouse his interest, you two will have something to say.
  • Ask your date how they feel in time. Introverts generally don’t express their interest in something easily, they will digest it silently in their hearts. So when you start a dating project, and at the end of it, you can try to ask them how they feel, but remember to observe their expressions. Their expressions convey more information than words.

So when you date introverts, there may be a little bit of pressure. But for dating, if an introvert wants to start a relationship with you, at least your score is not low.

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