What are the shortest and deep meaningful quotes?

  1. Wise abandonment is better than blind persistence.
  2. Pain itself has no meaning, its meaning is given by thinking. So, don’t flatter pain, but learn to think.
  3. Life can not be as good as you imagine, nor as bad as you imagine, people’s vulnerability and strength are beyond imagination.
  4. Not confused in the heart, not trapped in love. Do not fear the future, do not read the past. If you can do that, that’s good.
  5. Although there are 24 hours in a day, there is always not enough time. That’s why I look forward to tomorrow.
  6. I’ve walked all the detours for you.
  7. I don’t believe a single punctuation mark for what they say.
  8. Maturity is not for complexity, but for innocence. Naive people, does not mean that they have not seen the darkness of the world, just because they have, they know the beauty of innocence.
  9. Love life for those who like you, and see life for those who don’t like you.

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