How does tinder, the top seller in the world, get its top 10000 users?

Tinder is essentially a matching market between people. In Tinder’s world, “girls” are the suppliers of this market. With girls, there will be an endless stream of male users.

Campus as the initial battlefield

Tinder started with a sorority on campus. The sorority on campus is the focus with the highest topic and strongest communication. And Joe mu รณ oz (Tinder co creator) commented at the time that “catching girls” collided with “high density of communication” was like firewood hitting a fire.

Soon tinder was on the campus. This was just the beginning. Later, tinder began to walk out of the campus and spread tinder’s influence by “using” some marginal stars. These little stars are like Miss America, semi entertainment KOL, and athletes like Olympians. These little KOLs are not as remote as big stars, but they often have a large number of fans on social media. Every time Tinder holds a press conference, it will publicize that these KOLs are using tinder, so as to penetrate into the minds of a larger number of people. This strategy has achieved great success in the United States. 

For overseas markets, tinder tried to put in Facebook ads, but could not achieve sustained growth. Later, tinder still used the marketing method in the United States. Of course, the effect was obvious.

Special user retention mechanism

You never know who the next one you can slip? You don’t know if that person will like you, too? What if I miss that one? This is actually the trick of Tinder’s page design, because you can’t accept that you have missed any possible love, so you will have the psychology of loss aversion, which will continue to push you to slide left and right.
When you match the one, will you feel very surprised? At least you will be very curious about what kind of person your partner is under the operation mechanism of the software. Tinder’s matching mechanism applies to a psychological mechanism often used in games and casinos, known as “random rewards.”.

A real-life dating scene.

Tinder’s design simulates a real-life dating scene, unlike other websites that read tedious personal information to decide whether to meet your “other half”. In Tinder, all you can judge is appearance.

Creat a low risk of being rejected for users

On Tinder, only when you like each other, can you start a chat, which greatly reduces the psychological harm of being rejected. (many people are afraid of being rejected if they don’t fight for it in real life). In addition, the matched users have a good impression on you. When you start a dialogue, you have good psychological expectations on each other, and the success probability is much higher than that of two completely strangers.

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