What did you realize today?

You are the only can make you happy.

I mean when you are really very sad and depressed, nothing can anyone pull you out of this mire, only youself.

But it is difficult to do this. Combined with my own experience, I need to change my thinking first, I need to find excuses for all the bad things I have experienced before, and then I can attribute the reason to myself. Because complaining that others can never find a solution. I have to find the problem from myself, and then find the way of thinking that I can accept. If I can’t take this step and admit that I did make the wrong choice in those bad experiences, then everything would fall into a dead end.

Of course, the bad experiences I have said are limited to daily work life. If you are really hurt by others, don’t attribute all things to yourself. So,when you really want to get rid of some bad emotions, you can try to change your way of thinking, make excuses for yourself, and then slowly heal yourself and make yourself happier.

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