Best moment of humanity

  • Wash the sun

That day, two little girls moved the stool to the sun and rubbed it with their little hands. So the adults asked :”What are you two doing?”

The little girl said in a soft voice:”We are washing the sun.”

  • One hand, one foot

A boy was playing a game. When he saw a wheelchair passenger come in, he naturally held the shaking wheelchair with his hand and stuck his foot under the wheel. In this way, he persisted until the other side got off the bus and didn’t let go. Sometimes kindness doesn’t need too many reasons.

  • Your mom is here

Once I needed to have an operation in the hospital. I was alone at that time. Sitting next to me is a five-year-old boy. He asked me: “Sister, where’s your mom?”

”I came alone. ” I said with a smile.

The little boy asked me to close my eyes and open them in ten seconds. As soon as I opened my eyes, I saw the little boy’s mom. “Sister, your mom is here.“

I have always believed that human nature is beautiful, but now the social development is too fast, inadvertently we missed a lot of beautiful and lovely people.

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