One thing that you have to experience.

Being cheated. Personally, I think everyone should have a taste of being cheated.

When you are in a divorced family, your parents lie to you that they just go out for a walk, but never come back.

At school, you told the teacher that someone was bullying you. The teacher said everything would be over. But there are still people blocking you on the street.

In the society, you help a person, and it turns out that he is pretending to be injured, and even you will be blackmailed by him.

Lies are everywhere, whether white lies or malicious lies. To be honest, no one can avoid it. If there is a person who says that he has never been cheated, I don’t believe it. Unless he has unparalleled innocence and absolute luck. But lies are not all bad. After all, no one will accept the separation of parents when they are young, so we need to use lies to protect children’s fantasy of family. And teachers can only protect you from being hurt in school. And you will remember that you need to think carefully about helping others because of your extra kindness. I’m not saying that it’s bad to help others. It’s just that thoughtless kindness can hurt you.

So a person must have the experience of being cheated, but remember not to cheat others.

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