The most horrible movie scene in my memory.

What impressed me most was the case of Baby burning. This is the plot of a TV play.

The wife loved her husband very much. After their marriage, they had a lovely daughter. But one day their house caught fire. The wife was playing mahjong with her neighbors in the next stall outside. Only their young daughter was left at home. Unexpectedly, their daughter died in the accident.

Later, after police investigation, it was found that the wife turned on the gas and gave her daughter sleeping pills at the same time. After finishing this series of actions, she went out and quietly waited for her daughter to die.

Later, she argued for herself that since the birth of her daughter, her husband’s heart was completely on the child. She felt that the child had taken all her husband’s love. And she thought that as soon as her daughter disappeared, her husband would put his feelings back on her.

I saw the story more than 10 years ago, but now I still feel shivering when I think about it. So far, I can’t understand the mother’s behavior.

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