How to optimize your website?

If you are a novice website operator and want to constantly optimize the quality of your website, improve the exposure of the site. Then you have to understand SEO, that is Search Engine Optimization 

  • One of the simplest questions.

It’s not that as long as people can see your website, search engines can see your website. At present, the search engine crawls the text content mainly. If the site is all flash or pictures, then no matter how hard you try, your website will not stand out. Because the search engine can’t recognize the words on flash or pictures, it can’t judge what keywords your website is most relevant to. Therefore, when searching for keywords, the probability of the website appearing in the search results is relatively low. Remember that you have to have substantial descriptive text on your web page.

  • Originality?

When your website has a lot of text content, it can be retrieved and analyzed by search engines. So the next question is: where did the content on the website come from? If the entire website, in addition to the basic company introduction, almost all content is reproduced from other websites. This kind of original degree very low website, also cannot carry on further SEO work.
Imagine, if you search for a keyword in a search engine, all the results in the search are the results of the same content. Is this the result you want? Obviously not.
And the search engine will only show the initial results, or the results of the most authoritative website, all other reprinted content will be automatically blocked.
The worst of all, if most of the content of the website is reprinted, it is likely to be judged as a worthless website by the search engine, and the right of the whole website will be lowered. As a result, the website can not be searched with any keywords.
Therefore, you need to often provide original or valuable content for your website. Even if you don’t have the energy to create it, you should also adapt it or add some of your own opinions to improve the originality of the content.

  • Website settings

1) Is there a jump to your website?

When we enter the website address in the browser’s address bar, does the browser jump to a new one?

Example 1: when we type It is displayed as:

Example 2: when we enter The address bar is displayed as

Obviously, example 1 is simple and direct. It is easy to identify for ordinary users or search engines, which is very beneficial to the optimization operation of internal chain or external chain in the later stage. Moreover, the home page directly using the domain name usually has a higher weight in the search engine than an inner page.
So what do I do if I have multiple language versions of the site? Generally, we recommend that the default language version is a top-level domain name for the main language, and folders are used for other language versions. Or visit websites in different languages through. com and. cn.

2) Is the website static?

In general, we can treat web addresses ending with. htm or. html as static. The web address contains the The symbols of “=” and “&” are dynamic web addresses.
Too long dynamic address, sometimes will have a certain impact on the search engine crawling. Moreover, there will be some unnecessary errors, some errors will make the search engine grab a large number of blank pages that do not exist, resulting in the weight reduction of the whole site. So try to ask the website development company, or the programmer of the company, to make the website static, which is not a very complicated work.
The above three points, the basic requirements of website SEO, but not to say, these three points do well, there will be good search engine performance.

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