How do you make yourself a better person?

Live my best in constant change.

  • Find the lifestyle I love. I often browse other people’s lives on social media. If I see other people’s better habits, I will apply them to my own life.
  • Try to get along with different people. I find that in the process of communicating with others, I can find my bad habits more easily. Others are my mirror. In the process of communicating with them, I will tell myself to be a better person subconsciously, and then abandon some bad habits.[How can I become socially confident?]
  • Care about my own emotional changes. I think this is very important. If a person can’t control his own emotions, or if he doesn’t care about his mood changes and blindly meets the needs of others, he will gradually lose his way. And more importantly, I am the only one who can accompany me forever.
  • Stick to a schedule I can accept. For me, irregular schedule can lead to a series of problems, the most common is skin problems, in addition, it will affect my work plan for the whole day.
  • Learn to enjoy solitude. Being alone is relatively easy, but it may be more difficult to enjoy it. For a long time I couldn’t stand being alone, I thought I was doing nothing. But when I made a series of plans for myself, I began to understand that when a person can enjoy being alone, his way of thinking will change a lot.[What are the things that no one tells you living alone?]
  • Control the time I spend on addictive things. For example, I used to spend a lot of time on social software and TV shows. Later, when I subconsciously control the time I spend on these things, I can spare a lot of time doing other things.
  • More concerned about my own health. In fact, when you live alone, you will know how bad it is when you are sick, so there is nothing wrong with paying attention to health.
  • Know how to reward myself properly. Whether you are in school or working, you should know how to reward yourself properly. Don’t put yourself under heavy pressure every day. Only by properly relaxing yourself can you understand that people live for themselves.

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