How can I get over a break up: A reader’s answer

This is an email from one of my readers. Sometimes it is a good try to make friends online. Hope you can read his story.

Attention this article is very very long:)

I used to think that I would never meet the person who made me move again. Forgive me for thinking that. But I really listened to your suggestion. “Since you can’t accept meeting your right one in real life, then try to go online, at least you can get out of it in time.”I said I would try it. After all, no one wants to be alone for a lifetime. After the last conversation, I chose a comprehensive social software. Remember? The one I told you before. When I opened the software, I received a chat invitation automatically matched by the system, and then I clicked on the “video chat” option. The moment the chat screen was connected, I was immediately attracted by her smiling face. It was our first chat and we were all very happy.

She’s live on that platform – everyone can. Later, I would always go to her studio. Her studio has always been plain and powerful. I don’t know if it’s because of the screen. You will fantasize about the good of the person across the network. Sometimes she would take out a book, read quietly with light music, or share scenes of her cooking. When she’s in a hurry, I’ll worry about whether she’ll get hurt.

Later I learned that she would use her spare time to do a live broadcast. Because sometimes she will feel bored, so she wants to chat with other people and share her life simply. We basically chat every day, and the topics we talk about will be far and wide. (I recommend that software to you again here.)

I became a loyal audience for her.

We really got to know each other a lot, and I even had the idea that she would be my girlfriend. (Who wouldn’t want to). So I took advantage of her to go downstairs to pick up things, sent her a message: sorry, so late to meet you.” But she didn’t reply. She should not have seen it. I began to be afraid, you know what? It was that kind of feeling. I was afraid that if I opened my mouth and said that sentence, she would stop talking to me, and we might not even be friends.

In the evening, I watched her start the live broadcast. She dressed very well today. She quietly held a book and began to read. She would also share interesting clips with others. She’s really beautiful.

“Today I received a confession from a man. I didn’t reply in writing because I wanted to tell him face to face. I don’t know if I have a chance to say what I want to say. “She said with a smile.“I’m glad that I didn’t miss you too.”

We finally established the relationship. I stayed up all night that night and sat by my bed, from night till dawn. When the first sunshine came into my room, I made up my mind that I would go to see her! That week was probably the longest week in my life, and I was anxious to see her every day. I went to the mall for the first time since the last relationship ended. I called bought a new leather jacket, new jeans, a new razor and a bottle of perfume. Before meeting her, I made a new hairstyle. I hope to meet the people I love best in my life.

That day, the day I saw her, I will never forget that day. I really took her hand and held her in my arms. Since then, her Camellia scented shampoo has been lingering in my nose. At that moment, I vowed that even if the world was destroyed, I would always hold her hand.

Having been with her for three months. Every day, I hope she can accompany me. When she is live on this software, I will give her more popularity and protect her silently through the network. However, I found that a man named Rich would leave messages and chat with her every day, and every time Rich went to her live room, she would be very happy. So I asked her about the relationship between that man and her, I love her so much that I’m afraid someone will take her away from me. Because of this man, the first time I quarreled with her, the way she cried broke my heart. She said I didn’t trust her, but my possessiveness made me irrational. I don’t want to ruin our relationship…One day, I read an article from you on Quora, saying that trust is the basis of maintaining a relationship…I think maybe I should talk to her seriously to let her know that, fuck his rich, I love her, and I will always trust her. Love is a very strange thing, although we have the first quarrel, but we do not become estranged, on the contrary, we cherish each other more.

Due to covid-19, everyone could only stay at home and not go out. This meant that I hadn’t seen her since March. But we made video calls every day, before we went to bed, after we got up, even when we ate. We knew that the epidemic would be over, so both of us stayed at home so that we could meet each other smoothly in the future. But we missed each other every day. We played mobile games together, sang together, even read novels from a distance. We turned on video phones, pointed cameras at each other, and read funny novels together. It’s very interesting.

Until late July, I finally could visit her in her country. I couldn’t wait to buy a ticket and fly to her. Until late July, I finally could visit her in her country. I can’t wait to buy a ticket and fly to her. She was wearing a light yellow dress, a mask and a hat that day, but I recognized her because I could make sure it was her at the first glance, and it was wonderful. I ran over and hugged her, which was a familiar feeling and a feeling of happiness. We said a lot that day.

Then we met a few more times, and I was sure she was the woman I wanted to love all my life. The last time we met was on November 4th. I went to her house. In the evening, I went out and said I would go to the store to buy something, but actually I secretly bought a ring and rose, and asked her to marry me when I went back. She was very surprised and happy, she promised me, and said to stay with me forever.

I’m very happy to hear from Carl and I’m glad that he can find true love. It seems that make friends online is worth to try.

Finally share you a good words: If two people are meant to be together, eventually they’ll find their way back.

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