How to arouse a woman’s sexual desire?

Make a lady become a woman of desire

Don’t complain that your woman is a wood in bed, because a lot of times she doesn’t get the corresponding response from you. Therefore, you should also review whether your sexual life really provokes her sexual desire.

Leave her at least one piece of clothing

Women’ naked body is the biggest temptation to men. But in fact, half covered woman’s body can give men the biggest temptation. And at this time, it is also a kind of stimulation for women. So when you have sex, don’t strip her all at once. Leave her that little vest that’s close to her, or just take off a pair of her high heels. Even if it’s just a necklace and two earrings left, it’s enough to get you excited. And these binding clothing and accessories will greatly stimulate her physical and psychological sexy valve, instantly ignite her hunger and thirst desire, and at the same time meet the strength men need.

Kiss her in several ways

Even those who have no sexual experience know that kissing is an essential part of sex and runs through the whole process of sex. People’s lips are actually very sensitive. In fact, only the lower part of men has more nerves and higher sensitivity than lips. Lip contact: you slide with her between the lips, just as you would catch a pudding falling from a spoon. Tongue movement: the tissue under the tongue is very sensitive, just like the bulge under the upper lip. Sucking: sucking the other person’s tongue, stimulate her salivary glands, so that she can produce sweet saliva. Blowing: inhale and suck out her moist lips, which can also better stimulate sexual desire. When you direct your mouth, tongue, and hand at the speed of the movie’s slow motion, it makes her skin more sensitive than ever before.

Most of the time, women are shy in bed, and they always look like ladies. But if you can master the above methods, you can make your girl become a hot lady. Let her fall in love with sex and love you with infinite tenderness.

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