Unified provocative expression? You should know.

Head tilted—Chin down—Eyes up—Smile.

Compared with happy and neutral expression, frivolous expression can make boys recognize tease more quickly.

So take a look at the four girls in the picture below. Which one is flirting?

In six experiments, the researchers coded 23 different facial movements based on facial motion coding systems, and found a highly recognizable set of provocative facial expressions: the head turned to one side and tilted slightly downward, and looked forward slightly (toward an implied target).

Psychologists believe that this kind of flirting is evolutionary. For women, it’s a test of starting a relationship, while for men, they need to be able to recognize flirting in order to seize every opportunity. In addition to the above, sustained eye contact, cozy gazing, self-touching and smiling are also the points you need to pay attention to.

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