Several stages that couples must go through.

Several stages that couples must go through

Stage 1: in love

Time: 1 ~ 2 months

You are very clingy and have endless words with each other. You want to be together 24 hours a day.

Stage2: flat period

Time: 3-4 months

Slowly, two people began to talk less, see each other’s shortcomings, not so warm and sweet, began to have a small quarrel.

Stage 3: the peak of quarrel

Time: 5-8 months

The sense of freshness basically faded, and the two began to quarrel about the trivial matters of life, which was also the peak of the cold war.

Stage 4: breakup peak

Time: 8-12 months

There are more and more conflicts between the two people. They feel that they are not the right one,and they like at the beginning. They have no feelings anymore. Fang proposes to break up.

Stage 5: running in period

Time: 12-18 months

Two people get to know each other more and more, because they love each other and are willing to make changes for each other. The fewer times they quarrel, the deeper the tacit understanding between each other.

Stage 6: the long-term development

Time: 18 months ~ unknown

Two people’s mood gradually stabilized, there is nothing to quarrel about, because each other too know each other, this time may get married or love long-distance running.

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