No woman will be attracted to you without confidence.

As a man, the first thing you need to do is to be confident. If you want to win the favor of a girl, the first thing you have to do is to be confident.

1. Self confidence in the face of the opposite sex

Many boys will feel inferior when they see girls with exquisite and fashionable clothes, height of more than 175 and powerful aura. Then he began to look down, behave strangely, and say some strange things. Remember that girls are not stupid, they can see your inferiority.

Once your self-confidence is seen by girls, your score will be greatly reduced. Usually people in the face of a not familiar with the opposite sex, will always be habitually preconceived that the other side and their own equal object. Your lack of self-confidence will destroy this sense of balance and make the other party feel that you are very cheap.

2. Self confidence in the face of unfamiliar environment

The meaning of unfamiliar environment here is relatively broad, including life scene, work scene, entertainment scene and so on. Essentially, when you go into an environment that you haven’t been exposed to in the past, you can still be calm, confident and unassuming.

For example, two people travel around the world together, go to a strange country, and meet their parents and girlfriends for the first time. Usually, people will be hesitant or uncomfortable in the face of unfamiliar environment, but confident men will not. This kind of self-confidence in the face of a strange environment is a great reassurance to the people around you, which means that you are a man to rely on.

3. Facing obstacles and attacks from the outside world

When you are attacked by the outside world, you can still deal with it as a confident person. From a small sentence of ridicule from others, to be dismissed by the company, failure of entrepreneurship, life in trouble and so on.

Imagine a scene like this. A few friends who are not familiar with each other form a bureau. There are men and women. Among them, there is a boy who is not very talkative. At this time, someone makes fun of him and says, “Why are you so silent? Is it because there are so many beautiful girls that you become shy?”

The boy replied:

1. Yeah, I’m a little shy when I’m with girls. (He raises his head and smiles)

2. No, no, I’m not in a good mood today / I have a girlfriend (he waves his hand in a hurry)

3. What does it have to do with you? (he becomes angry)

Which kind of reply do you think is better?

From the perspective of the party scene, answer 1 is more appropriate, which can reflect a kind of confident attitude. It means “yes, I am like this, no problem, I have a lot of confidence in myself and don’t care how others judge me.” Reply 2 is actually an explanation, and the men who explain tend to give people a feeling of weakness. Answer 3 is even more inappropriate. Irritability is an extremely bad quality and affects how others think of you.

Therefore, please remember that maintaining self-confidence is the magic weapon and the stepping stone for you to start a relationship. No girl will be attracted by a boy with low self-esteem and no independent ideas.

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