All you need to do to get a girl’s favor is to do these things!

Good feeling is like a switch, as long as you show some specific characteristics in front of girls, the corresponding switch will be opened, the feeling of heart will bloom in the hearts of girls.

The premise of gaining favor is to show the characteristics that girls are interested in. If you have a certain advantage, the more you want to get the girl’s favor, the more you have to find a way to show it.

There are different types of good-looking boys for girls. If you see here, you will judge whether you are handsome enough. In fact, there is a deviation between what you think is handsome and what girls see. Some girls like Uncle type handsome, some girls like Justin Bieber’s kind of handsome, some girls like masculine, wild that kind of handsome. In addition, the number of girls who regard the appearance of a man as a necessary condition for choosing a mate should not exceed 40%.

In other words, most of the girls don’t really care about the handsome faces of boys.


So even if you are not so handsome, if you do the rest of the things, you can also get 60% of the girls.

In addition to being handsome, there are two aspects worthy of attention: one is economic strength, the other is social status / influence / social status / social evaluation. These two aspects together with handsome, can be called the three original attraction. In this world, almost all the traits that make girls feel good are derivatives of these three core factors. For example, the following are the traits that ordinary people are better at controlling.

Leadership and social networking

Strong social skills, is a very typical bonus. The organizer and leader of a group, the initiator of social activities, and the advocate of behavior can really attract the attention of female students in the actual social interaction, and arouse good impression. Girls usually think that a man who has many friends, likes to socialize and is easy to get along with will have more charm.

A very typical example is that the instructors in the military training, the superiors in the work and the teachers in the school will have some attraction to their female subordinates.

Rich experience

People have the psychology of worshiping their elders, both men and women. If you are older and have rich experience, it will directly give the girl a shock, and then it will be transformed into a girl’s worship of you, which is close to what we call good feeling.

If you can have certain cognition in many fields and express them perfectly, you will leave a good impression on girls in dating, but you should avoid boasting. If the content of the topic you mentioned is lower than the psychological expectation of a girl, your image in her mind will be greatly reduced. So read more books, newspapers and travel more.

Inadvertently revealed that you are in demand.

This is quite interesting. If you are liked by a very good girl, other girls will be very fond of you. Because the implication is: you are a good man, that’s why so many women like you. Therefore, some men will inadvertently reveal that they are very popular with women and have made many excellent girlfriends in order to improve their “status”.

Of course, if the operation is not correct, it will be considered as a playboy, and the score will be reduced.

Always be confident

Behind self-confidence, you are healthy, energetic, hopeful for the future, and capable of creating in related fields. Confidence implies your high value. After all, only a man of high value can face this terrible world anytime and anywhere, smile, and say to his woman: I can handle it.[Read more: No woman will be attracted to you without confidence.]

Self confidence is often reflected in body language, facial expressions and behavior, and false self-confidence is also easy to see.


These are just some simple examples. If you can observe them carefully in daily life, in fact, most of the traits or behaviors that can arouse girls’ favor are related to their appearance, economic strength and social evaluation / status. Finally, give you three simple practical skills, so that you can get the favor of girls faster

1. Learn to slow down your body movement and speaking speed, you can refer to the godfather in the movie and the hero in 007, or the bloody gangster in the British drama.

2. Solve problems instead of leaving them to girls

3. When chatting with girls face to face, reduce the use of words, such as en en ah oh. In the content, don’t talk about your unfamiliar areas, don’t talk about other people’s privacy, don’t speak ill of anyone behind your back.

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