Ten Signs That Girls Are Interested in You!

In fact, it doesn’t need to spend too much skill to judge whether a girl has feelings for you. You just need to pay attention to the following Ten signs in daily life, and you will find that girls are actually easy to be seen through.

#1. Don’t push your cup away

Put the cup you’ve drunk with her and see if she’ll move her own. In my years of experience, if she has a crush on you, she won’t move the cup away when you put it next to her. On the contrary, if she pulls the cup away a certain distance, it means that you are not her dish at present. I believe you can see whether she moved the cup unintentionally.

#2. Take the initiative to approach you.

According to scientific statistics, the distance between girls’ sense of security for strangers is 1 meter. When it is less than 1 meter, girls’ sense of security will be reduced and their emotions will be on alert. Girls set a safe distance for each boy. If she likes you, your safety distance will disappear. Of course, if you’re her colleague, the distance will also be reduced. So be careful and you will feel how long safety distance she is to you.


#3. Take the initiative to talk to you

Emotionally, most girls are reserved and shy. If it’s not the boy they like. Girls will not talk to each other too much, let alone take the initiative. So if a girl is very warm to you and often takes the initiative to talk to you, even if she has nothing to say, she must have a good impression on you and even a little like it. If she talks to you about what happened in her life and shares some secrets with you, the girl is very fond of you.[Read: 5 rules to live by when dating introverts.]

#4. You are allowed to touch her hair

Girls’ hair will not be touched by boys unless they are loved. You can find a chance to chat with a girl and say: your hair is very good, and then touch her hair. If she doesn’t dodge, it proves that she has a good feeling for you, but if she does, you should know it in your mind.

#5. Being coquettish and short tempered with you

We all know that coquetry and losing temper are bad habits in the eyes of others. Generally speaking, girls will not show these two behaviors. So once girls in front of you, like a child, even sometimes a little unreasonable. Then you must not think that she is really angry with you. In fact, this is a kind of dependence and trust on you. She is willing to show you her child like side, which shows that she really likes you.


#6. Doesn’t hate physical contact with you

Physical contact is generally the action between close people, holding hands, supporting shoulder, arm, these contacts for girls are only with good friends or family. So if a girl has no resistance to your casual touch, such as patting your shoulder or pulling your hands. If she’s even enjoying it, it means she doesn’t hate you and may want to be closer to you.

#7. Wants to know about your past

If you like a someone, you will want to know everything about him, including his past experiences, present and future plans. The so-called “not involved in your past, also want to listen to you to experience again with you again” is this feeling. A girl who wants to know your past shows that she wants to experience your life, know you completely, and also wants to participate in your future. If it’s not like it or what?

#8. Look at you with joy in your eyes

You can’t hide the feeling of a person. Even if she doesn’t say it, it will be revealed from her eyes. The girl who is interested in you must have a gentle, twinkling star in her eyes. She will seize every opportunity to see you, even in the crowd, she looked up, the eyes will only have your figure. It is believed that most of the boys and girls will look up at the person they like in the classroom when they are in school. If that person’s line of sight is right in your direction, you will look at other places in a panic. This shy way of focusing on someone is the most basic way to express love.

#9. Her toes are pointing at you all the time

The direction of toe and body also reflects the feeling of a girl to you. If her body is facing you but her toes are pointing away, it usually means that her subconscious wants to run away and end the conversation. If her toes are facing you, but her body is pointing in another direction, it means that she is not planning to leave, but obviously her attention is no longer on you. If her toes and body are facing you, it’s time to say congratulations. Especially in a multi person environment, she still does so. At this time, you should take the initiative.


#10. Pay attention to her lips

Sipping / biting lips is also a good physical indicator. This kind of behavior, often very fast, is difficult to observe. And for some girls, this is a habit of her, so it often makes people misjudge. But if she purses her lips when she’s by your side or looking at you, that’s a good sign. What’s better is that when she sips her lips, she quickly glances at your lips. At this time, the girl’s psychological activities, you need to slowly understand.[Read: How to arouse a woman’s sexual desire?]

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