11 Tips to Get over Someone You Love.

According to a survey, 70% of people say that breaking up has brought about personal growth, 58% of them think that ending a relationship has brought positive feelings to them, and only 31% of them think that lovelorn only brings them negative emotions. Therefore, the correct response to lovelorn, everyone can turn the crisis into a turning point, let it help you grow.


1. Understand and accept that you are going to experience a lot of emotional ups and downs, which has nothing to do with “who made the break-up?”.

2. Take good care of yourself: make sure you have enough good sleep, healthy diet and exercise every day.

3. Avoid excessive alcohol, drugs or retaliatory behavior; don’t follow or threaten your ex.

4. Get along with people who can give you positive emotional support. Don’t be afraid to seek professional psychological assistance. Don’t shut yourself up.

5. The loss of individual identity is a very natural part in the process of recovery. Don’t panic that you don’t look like you used to be.

6. Rebuild your identity, rediscover what you are and what you like to do without your ex.

7. Focus on the positive aspects of breaking up, such as being able to regain your hobbies. Pay more attention to positive emotions, such as freedom, emotional liberation, optimism and autonomy.

8. By writing or talking, practice expressing your deep thoughts clearly and describing your optimism about the end of the relationship.

9. Don’t be afraid to start a relationship again, but make sure you don’t start it rashly to avoid the previous failed relationship.

10. If your ex starts a new relationship, give them the right amount of space and respect. She or he used to be a person who meant a lot to you, so you should treat them like other friends and wish them happiness.

11. In the process of lovelorn, many emotions are natural nervous system reactions, and there is not much you can do. Understand and accept that.

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