Love under The Age Difference Is Not So Vulnerable

People often use such a sentence to describe the pure feelings between men and women: height is not distance, age is not a problem. But isn’t it really a matter of age? In the process of love and communication, if the difference between two people is three to five years old is not worth discussing, but if the age is over 10 years old, I believe many people will have doubts about this relationship. However, generally speaking, the older spouse may be chosen for the following reasons:

1. Women fall in love with older men

Seek the sense of security.

Men older than themselves give themselves a special sense of security, just like their fathers. Therefore, the lack of paternal love of women, generally prefer to find older men. Because at the same time, they are also filling in the lack of fatherly love. With such a man, there is always a feeling of being cared for and protected. In this society where the pace of work and life is very fast, it is very popular for some women to have such a down-to-earth feeling.

Grasp a sense of worship.

What is worship? Many women who are attracted by older men tend to start with a strong ability and rich experience in some fields. It is easy for women to have a feeling of worship, which will evolve into a good feeling. Over time, this feeling of respect and respect will become a feeling of love and dependence. I feel that such a man has responsibilities and is not surprised.

Being attracted by the contrast

The occasional childishness of older men can make women feel novel, and at the same time stimulate the illusion of “omnipotent”, attracted by this contrast. At the same time, men who are older than themselves are also better in terms of economic status. They have cars and houses, and their economic strength is generally better than that of younger men.[Read: Women Who Make Men Addicted Do These Things.]

2. Men fall in love with older women

Satisfying men self-esteem

We do not rule out that being young and beautiful is indeed an important factor in attracting older men. On the other hand, finding a woman younger than yourself can make you younger and more energetic. In many ways, because of experience, you can enlighten, comfort and care for women, and satisfy the male’s unique self-esteem, commonly known as male chauvinism.

Enjoy being taken care of

Older women with younger men stimulate their maternal side. Just like maternal love, being taken care of all the time, men can be coquettish and willful, and can still maintain their youthful vigor like a child. Similarly, the feeling of being cared by older women can greatly fill the male’s self-esteem.

In short, what kind of choice is bound to be related to the growth environment, life experience or psychological maturity and age doesn t matter in a relationship.

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