Eight Scenes for You to Grasp the Opportunity to Kiss Your Girl.

Kissing is a very important and symbolic thing for men and women in love. Sometimes, a gentle kiss can convey an important message to tell you that you are the closest lovers ever since.

However, in real life, except for the wedding scene, it’s hard for a boy to get a clear answer: Now, you can kiss her.

Therefore, there will always be such a moment in the early stage of love, when you send her to the door, and then you look at each other, you want to leave but you are reluctant, you want to kiss her, but you are afraid of being rejected, which is too embarrassing. The following Eight scenes can help you determine when you can launch an attack.

1.When you are talking, you can stop suddenly and slowly approach her ear to see how she reacts. If she’s taut, motionless, or very responsive, she’s retreating, you can say that you saw something on her hair, or that you’ve misread her ear studs for something else. But if you can feel that she is just shy and even closes her eyes gently, what are you waiting for? Go ahead! Kiss her!

2.When holding her, speak gently to her ear or blow in her neck socket. If she doesn’t repel her obviously, it means that the time is ripe and her closeness to you has removed the physical and psychological defense lines.[Read: Woman who make man addicted do these things.]

3. When driving, let the girl take the co driver, and then you take the initiative to help her fasten her seat belt, body close to her mouth within 20 cm. If she doesn’t subconsciously tilt back her chin and body, or even hold her breath, and just blushes a little. So congratulations, she does not exclude your approach Oh, you can give her a sweet kiss. [Read: Ten signs that girls are interested in you.]

4.When eating at the table, stare at her affectionately if she finds out and looks at you for more than 10 seconds. OK, then you can talk closer to her. If you do, and she doesn’t frown, and quietly draws closer to you. Then when it’s just the two of you or some dim little corner, you can kiss her safely.

5. When waiting for the bus or waiting in line, gently put your head on her shoulder, watch her smile and see her reaction. As long as she doesn’t push you away in a hurry, you will have a chance! If she looks up and asks you softly, what are you doing? You can kiss her like a chicken pecking rice. Then continue to gently hold her from the back, do not have more excessive behavior. Next, when you meet the right time and place, you can try a longer kiss.

6.When you’ve been dating alone three or four times, you’ve been to less crowded places together. Moreover, when a girl is with you, she always dresses up carefully. You have a good time chatting together. There is no problem with holding hands and hugging. That shows that a girl is ready to develop with you for a long time. Kissing is a natural thing for her.

7.When two people are together, you can hold her hand and play with her fingers. If she doesn’t repel, you can kiss her fingers and the back of her hand gently with your mouth. She is not angry. Next, you can kiss her mouth safely.

8.Watch movies and TV series together. When you see lovers kissing, you can go to see her. If she doesn’t stare at you, but smiles and stares at you embarrassed, what are you waiting for? Finally, remember to keep your breath fresh before kissing!

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