When Your Ex Comes back, You May Have Three Endings.

A woman bound by marriage

Whether or not the ex will come back depends on the reason for breaking up with you, which side is more hurt. There was a girl who quarreled with her ex over a small matter, and then they parted with each other in anger. But after the break-up, she began to feel that it was no big deal, and gradually began to miss each other very much. It happened that her predecessor also took the initiative to make friends with her, so she wanted to make up with the situation. However, she was worried about whether she could live a happy life after reconciliation, and whether there would continue to be contradictions.

Everyone who wants to get back together will inevitably worry about the future outcome. In general, there are three kinds of endings in metropolis.

Break up again for the same reason.

A person’s character is not easy to change.A person and another person’s mode of getting along is also very fixed. Therefore, when you are reluctant to part with a person and choose to reunite, even if you cherish each other when you are just reunited, it can not cover up the problems between you. After you vow to cherish each other, the passion fades away, and you will clearly feel that the problems that appeared between you before still exist. You will still quarrel for the same reason, and you will still be in the same place.

After you get together for a while, your hearts will start to cool down again, you will start to feel that they are not suitable for each other, and then you want to break up again. In the end, you fall into an endless circle because of contradictions and reluctance. Over and over again and again, you still can not have a different ending, always can only return to unfamiliar. [Read more: 11 tips to get over someone you love.]

Make changes to each other, after the compound barely happy.

I have such a couple around me. Soon after they got married, the woman filed for divorce because the man did nothing at home, and she had to go to work and be responsible for all the housework at home, which made her really unbearable. When she asked for a divorce, the man was stunned, but out of pride, he did not choose to stay. Only after the real divorce, the man faced the empty room, he felt that life was very boring, and realized the woman’s pay, and then wanted to recover.

This time, he lowered his posture and assured the woman that he would change in the future. He promised to give his wife his salary and share the housework with her. In his bitter plea, the woman finally chose to give him another chance to remarry with him. After remarriage, he did change. He took the initiative to help in the kitchen, wash dishes, wash clothes and mop the floor. It is also because of his change, he has become more loving women, and women have become more adorable to him. Their days are much better than before. They both feel satisfied with each other and are glad to have chosen to compound. Although it is difficult to change people, as long as they can break through cognition and really change, then the feelings between each other may also have a good result.

The two sides are still very painful after the reunification, but they are willing to compromise.

Marriage has never been a matter for two people, but for two families, and even for children. There are always some couples who, because they feel unhappy with each other, choose to separate, but after separation, because of their children or other interests, they choose to compound. When they weigh things up and come back together. From now on, they will go together and live together, but they may not be better than before. They will still be suffering and have no happiness at all.

Because if it is for their own happiness, they will not continue together, they will choose to divorce again. Unfortunately, the couple will continue to choose even if they will. Even slowly, with the passage of time, unconsciously, each other recognized their lives. Although occasionally there will be a desire to divorce, there will not really be any action. Later, if they were not careful, they really became the envy of all people, and grew old together. [Read more: How to get a permanent love?]

If you reunite with your ex, you will either break up again, or you will have a good future, or you will only spend your life in calm despair. Love is such a thing, no matter when, you can choose——Composite or not, you have to be responsible for yourself, you can also completely according to your own heart, to make the decision you really want.

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